Video trends for 2018

A marketer has so many options when it comes to posting content on the internet.

More platforms are supporting video as well as live streaming which is becoming popular for sharing with friends and family as well as with business audiences.

Here are some developing trends which are likely to get bigger.

360 video - this was catching on in 2017 and should explode this year. 360 video allows the user to control their perspective when watching the content, and unlike virtual reality you don't need a headset to view. It also generates more views, shares, and subscribers than standard video content. A clever use of 360 is here in a video by charity The Loss Foundation - we didn't produce this but have done some media relations work for them in the past.

VR viral marketing - brands with big marketing budgets have made the first steps here, and it's true to say virtual reality is still unchartered territory. As consumers, we may still feel uncomfortable putting on the headsets but brands are building profound and immersive experiences when we do.

Looking ahead, it's going to be the adrenalin-fuelled activities that tempt the most and car brands are also offering VR driving experiences.

These two trends are merging to see a rise in shoppable content where users are able to swipe-to-buy after viewing an Instagram or snap video ad. Brands hope to see an huge increase in the conversion of views to sales using this technology.

Best wishes for 2018!