Video is a must for 2016

As marketers look forward to a successful 2016, we expect another big year for video content production and distribution. A few figures to chew on, and a handy infographic here from Vidyard:

- audiences are 10 times more likely to engage with video than other blog or social content

- 71% of marketers say conversion rates from video outperform their other marketing content

- 52% of marketers say video delivers better ROI than any other type of content

- 92% of B2B companies plan to use video in marketing in 2016

It’s clear that brands are going to have lots of video content to play with this year. But do they always know where best to place it? Many times clients have asked us for quotes to produce a video. The first questions back are always ‘who is this for?’, ‘where is it going?’. These are key components to any pitch response.

The answer to these questions will help decide the duration, look and feel, tone and messaging amongst other things.

And as 2016 should see Virtual Reality (VR), 360-Degree video, and short form social media cinemagraphs take off, the opportunity is immense for brands to make the most of their video content on the multitude of platforms where their consumers are active.

mediamark says…
A short comment on this week’s industry news:

Twitter may allow longer tweets of up to 10,000 characters - woah, this is going to turn Twitter into Facebook. It’s a no from me.

CES - it finishes today - phew - but there’s lots of exciting stuff like 8K TVs, roll-ups screens, gesture-controlled concept cars and hundreds of drones or UAVs including this one which the reporter managed to break live on TV

You can now watch Netflix pretty much anywhere in the world apart from China. World domination awaits…but equally, is this a chance for longer-form product placement for brands?