Satellite space and trucks hard to come by in Royal Wedding week

Chatting to my satellite truck engineer this week on location revealed the amazing amount of work these guys need to do during a global live event taking place in your own back yard.

With no host UK broadcaster, all major networks have hundreds of cameras and trucks dotted along the route from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace (where the international media are housed).

Satellite space and truck providers have had their vehicles booked up for up to two weeks in advance of the wedding day, often just sitting there waiting for something to happen or working on one 'hit' a day.

Royal correspondents the world over have been reporting back live clogging up the satellites whilst the engineers often work double shifts given timezone differences.

Fortunately, to cover the Team Lotus / Caterham cars announcement this week at Duxford, we managed to secure the only satellite truck left in the whole of the UK (because Japanese TV dropped it at the last minute) and via an unfamiliar satellite path managed to distribute our VNR globally.

We also set up live satellite interviews with global business channels and Malaysian TV for Tony Fernandes, Team Principal of Team Lotus (two links below):

In another piece of shameless plugging, below is a link to a selection of international broadcast coverage we generated following the official MINI WRC Team Launch in Oxford earlier this month:

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