Connected TV: what is it?

Youview's former chief technology officer, Anthony Rose, said this week that in 6 months time all TVs will be connected (to the web).

“There are still technical challenges that need addressing – some browsers are still quite slow, and there isn’t always the right adaptive bit rate,” but it is progressing fast. On the business side there’s a “jockeying for power” among Apple, Sky and Virgin, he said.

Coming from Youview, the joint venture VOD service, it is logical to think connected TV is just about catch-up TV and downloading films and entire series.

But the technology is there for brands to exploit and communicate with audiences whilst watching the TV. A number of start ups in the US are already joining up the social media trend of 'checking in' to watching a TV programme. It's not inconceivable that marketing professionals will use this information to target individuals and promote brands that are related to the programme being watched.

And that promotion should take the form of further links with rich and engaging video content. In PR and communication, this is what a Connected TV is all about: reaching audiences with a powerful combination of interactive video and social media.


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