Broadcast PR Future Watch: 3D TV, Apple/Google TV - where will our clients end up?

According to new research from Deloitte out this week, it won't be on 3D TV as just 2% of consumers plan on buying a 3D television in the next 12 months.

Despite the launches of 3D TVs from major electronic companies like Sony, Panasonic and Samsung and a dedicated 3D channel from Sky in October, UK consumers are being remarkably conservative in predicting their technology spending habits over the next year.

Whilst this may be due to current economic conditions and uncertainty, it's interesting that 3D is taking longer to adopt than HD TV did. Perhaps we just think of it as a cinematic experience and won't be seeing our clients logos, products and spokespeople jumping out of our screens just yet!

The big boys will start jostling for position in the TV market very soon as Google is poised to launch its TV system in the autumn, with Apple TV rumoured to be not too far behind.

Next week will see Apple potentially give us a flavour of its TV project with details of a price cut to set top boxes to compete with Google.

Google has already announced its technology for getting web content on the television which merges applications and web browsing with TV programming via a set top box. All sounds very intriguing as opportunities for clients increase.

Meanwhile, looking at the way we communicate and consume media now, Google (they're taking over aren't they?) have some retro red Google Voice phone boxes popping up, initially in US university campuses and airports.

It's the latest stunt to promote Google's Voice/Gmail integration that will give Skype a good fight in the free internet call market.

As well as accessing the service via Gmail, you can step inside one of these phone boxes and make free international and national calls. How quaint they chose a good old British phone box.

Finally, Youtube is launching a free and on-demand movie service with over 400 titles at Films range from horror titles to 'classics' and even Bollywood hits.