Women On The Web, Welsh virals and new TV opportunities

US-based digital measurement leader, comScore (twitter @comScore) released their Women On The Web report this week, which highlighted how woman are shaping the internet.

Although the results are not surprising (women spend more time on social networks, more time on retail sites, etc), it's clear that clients wanting to reach and influence women - of all ages - need to integrate a robust digital and social media element.

Another useful resource was the simple yet effective video produced by Irish social media agency SimplyZesty to illustrate UK social media statistics. The kind of figures you sort of know but can never remember off the top of your head.

There was a fantastic example of a music viral recently with the proliferation of the Jay-Z / Alicia Keys 'New York' parody, entitled 'Newport'.

To date this track has over 1.8 million hits on youtube and some great feedback and comments. It goes to show that the right combination of creativity, humour and quality video production can pay off. And a celebrity endorsement from Lily Allen on Twitter certainly helps push things along.

In TV land, Richard Desmond finally bought Channel 5 for GBP 100 million and has pledged this week to top up the broadcaster's budget to GBP 1.5 billion to improve programming and marketing.

The viewer can look forward to continued broadcasts of favourites Neighbours and CSI, and Big Brother is rumoured to move to the channel in a bid to increase Channel 5's share of the advertising market from 7% to 14%.

ITV1 is also launching a new daytime celebrity chat / debate show called 3@three next week (2nd August). Along the lines of Loose Women, a panel of presenters will host topical chat, consumer advice and celebrity / human interest interviews. It will be produced by ITV Studios.


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