Video Marketing Packages - video to support your content marketing & PR campaigns

As we know, it's a superb idea to post regularly on social media to build customer engagements and brand awareness.

My previous post highlighted how important video is in the content marketing mix and here are our video marketing packages, designed to help you regularly post video content over a 12-month period.

In summary:

There are 3 packages:

1 - BASIC - a great way to start - 1 video every quarter - 4 minutes of video in total

2 - STANDARD - keep those customers engaged - 1 video every two months - 6 minutes of video in total

3 - PRO - give customers what they want - 1 video every month - 12 minutes of video in total

For more information and pricing, please get in touch: Mark Jones, +44 7967 353 727


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