Broadcast Tech Disruption and Future Trends

Tech, disruption, sport, TV, future trends - it's all here in Broadcast Tech's article by Adrian Pennington from 28th November!


5G and high-speed delivery

"5G technology will help producers replace costly on-site broadcast facilities with a lighter footprint in terms of equipment and personnel"

"Sport is one obvious genre that will benefit, with live pictures from pitchside cameras reaching studio hubs more cheaply using 5G signals than satellite"

"Similarly, technicians could set up remote-controlled cameras at council chambers on election night and bring all the feeds back for mixing live"

Artificial Intelligence

"Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to expand coverage at a live event, while keeping budgets low. After setting up cameras at a venue, it will be possible to switch between camera feeds and publish the stream to different outlets at the touch of a button"

Personalised Content

"The industry has begun a trend towards personalising content with recommendations and targeted ads. The endgame is for every individual to receive streams of content finely tuned to their tastes, devices and viewing environment"

Virtual Studios

"The speed at which you can now build virtual set environments allows more productions to create fantastic spaces at a fraction of the time and cost"

8K and Ultra HD

"In live production, 8K cameras will initially be deployed for the economies they can deliver. A single 8K camera, for example, has enough resolution for a production to extract multiple lower-resolution images, saving on cameras and camera operators"

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