We're still watching TV, just not always on the TV...

Lots of reports and surveys this week - here’s one - about TV viewing declining, online viewing increasing and mobile being the ‘first screen’ particularly amongst the 18-34 age group.

At first glance, you may be tempted to think that branded content produced for editorial broadcast / TV PR is old-hat.

However, think it all through: we’re not watching less content we’re - according to surveys - watching less TV i.e. the physical box / screen in the corner. We’re still watching content, in fact more of it, just on different screens (tablets, smartphones, desktops, etc).

TV series box-sets on a tablet, TV news on mobile, TV entertainment via social media channels. Brands have the opportunity to create content and still reach ‘TV audiences’ - even though those audiences may be watching ‘TV’ online or on the move. And what’s more, these different platforms where traditional TV content is being seen and discussed can even help to drive TV viewing back up again. Twitter and ComScore’s new See It service coming in November hopes to prove that.

In broadcast PR and branded video content production, all the rules of engagement are still valid: timing, quality, relevance, and so on.

Where audiences are physically following the story and seeing the content is changing.