Happy new year to you all, let’s hope it’s a successful one.

A little late, but having read dozens of industry-predictions-for-2013-articles, we thought mediamark broadcast had better throw some out there too. So here goes in no particular order:

Content marketing will become increasing visual this year and, good news for us, lots of marketing managers are saying this will include video. High quality, story-led, engaging and shareable video from brands will be all over the internet.

Brands must have a mobile presence given the staggering number of smartphone and tablet surfing going on. That means a specific mobile website and mobile marketing strategy. Many experts talk of putting mobile first, then concentrate on the desktop internet experience.

Pinterest will continue to grow, mainly because we all love visual content on the internet but also because they are now offering solutions to businesses.

YouTube will challenge traditional broadcasters both in terms of quality channels with regular programming and as a medium to reach massive global audiences with one-off events.

Brands will develop sophisticated second screen strategies to reach all those connected people using Twitter, Facebook, Zeebox, Shazam, etc while watching TV. This should include additional brand-related video content - again good news for us. In fact, the 2nd screen could become the first screen....

Startups will offer services to brands to drill down and make sense of all the masses of consumer data available. Clever use of this so-called ‘big data’ can help drive customer insights, develop product strategies, help customer support, determine pricing, etc.

Oh, and Rafael Benitez will win a trophy with Chelsea and be named permanent manager. No wait, that’s impossible......