Content Marketing, PR, social video

Having visited Marketing Week Live! at Olympia last week it was clear that PR professionals are now content marketers too: creating shareable, engaging, online content on behalf of brands to raise awareness.

While at present this is mainly text, infographics, good quality copy and the like, it seemed that social video as part of the content marketing mix, was less obvious.

We should always consider video for a number of well-documented reasons - the popularity of YouTube, increase in smartphone users and second-screen viewing and the the ease with which video is shared, particularly amongst family and friends. ROI of social video is the bugbear, but brands can always compare the cost of a video and the number of increased customers or amount of brand awareness to the price of new customers via pay-per-click video.

Here are 5 things that a social video campaign should include:

1. Engagement - difficult but beneficial as viewers are more likely to engage with a brand in a social, less intrusive setting than via other forms of video advertising

2. Sharing - social video has great potential for shares, increased conversations and advocacy. A video sent via link from a friend is much more likely to be viewed than a paid for ad

3. Defined target audiences - Know where your influencers, viewers, bloggers, etc spend time online and engage with them there

4. Creativity - The sky is the limit for creativity with social video. Make sure your content is original, entertaining and targeted to maximise engagement

5. Measurement - compare the cost of a social video and new customers / increased awareness to the cost of paid for advertising.


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