Social media versus TV

Two contrasting articles have surfaced over the past week or so highlighting social media's relationship with traditional TV.

First we have a survey from which found out that amongst 3,000 Brits, Facebook is more popular than TV. A great infographic is here.

Then we have Twitter's own blog post and video which made its way around the web saying that Twitter and TV have a special relationship allowing for much more viewer engagement. The current trend among TV news channels is to promote their own hashtags relating to a particular story, which increases audience engagement, raises their profile on Twitter (#cnntv was trending during the Royal Wedding) and in turn, actual audience share.

It's clear that in pure numbers, TV viewing hours per day is on the decline. However, there is growing evidence to support social media enhancing the TV experience as viewers often tweet or update their status whilst watching the TV. If TV channels and programmes actively promote this engagement it can have a positive effect on audience figures and share.