Content will drive social media growth

A report from Digital Consumer this week says that there will be 1.9 billion people using social networks by 2015, compared to 0.9 billion people today.

Key to this growth will be how we interact on the networks: what we say, what we pass on, what we play, what we watch - the more rich, relevant and interesting this experience is, the more people will join in.

Media professionals have been saying this for years and in relation to social media uptake, content really is king. It's up to brands and content owners to produce material that is truly pan-platform and multimedia.

As TVs become more integrated with the web experience, we should start to see brands creating 'spin-off' interactive video content. Imagine watching the athletics on your web-enabled TV then clicking through to a video demo on the latest running shoe with a 'Like' button for your Facebook page. Possibilities are endless.