mediamark broadcast - Friday wrap up

The UK's Ofcom annual communications report said this week that Britons are media multi-tasking more than ever before, and are spending almost half of their waking hours watching TV, using their smartphones and other communications devices.

Whilst for those in the communications industry this may seem great news, it does beg the question: whilst we're multi-tasking, are we actually taking anything in? What's clear is that any campaign to reach consumers must now be pan-platform by default. However, we must be careful and creative with our content to allow the message to sink in.

Television is still going strong with viewers watching an average of 3 hours 45 minutes a day in 2009, up 3% from 2004. Ofcom say this is because new technology offers viewers an enhanced, easy-to-use viewing experience, with 15% of all viewing time spent watching programmes recorded on to a DVR.

Tech journalists were all over the Facebook Places announcement from California this week as Facebookers in the US can now 'check in' themselves, and controversially perhaps, other people to places they're visiting. Here's's report.

This throws up doubts on the future of other location-based social networking services like Foursquare, Brightkite and Gowalla as Facebook's 500 million-strong army looms on the horizon.

But the future does look exciting for brands with tremendous opportunities now to target individuals and groups who have 'checked-in' at a particular place. Look out for FB messages from brands promoting offers or alternative choices from brands 'on the other other side of the road'.

Finally, the BBC had a fascinating article on how the Internet is changing language this week, as part of their technology and culture series.

If you want to keep up with the lingo, I suggest looking at with nearly 6,000 English acronyms in use.



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