Online video, Skype - and Joe Cole!

According to new data from Nielsen released this week, over 10 billion videos were viewed online in the US in June.

Safe to say we can expect similar figures sometime soon in the UK, but what's interesting is the average time spent watching the videos has jumped over 3.1% from June '09 and 2.5% over May.

What are they watching? Well, following YouTube in unique viewers in June were Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft sites, Google and Hulu.

Looks like Skype is now available on the iPhone. Good alternative to annoying dropped calls? Anyway, we've just downloaded it here so will let you know how it fares.

Finally, sad to see crowd favourite, step-over king, cheeky chappie and all-round decent bloke Joey Cole leave Stamford Bridge (champions and Champions League) for Liverpool (7th and Europa League) for what's reported as 5K a week more. Good luck to him - I guess he'll get more games.

But how good is Liverpool's PR on this? I know there's not a lot else going on but according to most media Joe "Lionel Messi" Cole is the signing of the decade.


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